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Here you will find Books, Articles, Essays, and other research materials that our scientists have prepared for visitors view.

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  • "The Dynamics Of Quantum Vortices"
    by Yuriy K Krasnov, Ph.D., Cleveland, Ohio, USA, 2001

    This book contains the consecutive and uniform description of the quantum vortex dynamics in the non-charged and charged liquids. However, this book is not about superfluid or superconductors only; the many of considered topics will attract attention and will be useful for different specialists, who, one way or another, have an interest to understand the possible organization of the motions of a condensed matter.

    This book is written for scientists and well educated students, because it assumes knowledge of hydrodynamics of an ideal liquid and a familiarity with the theory of superconductivity.

  • "The Qualitics. Volume 1. The Theory Of Quality Of The Stream Techniques"
    by Yuriy K Krasnov, Ph.D., Cleveland, Ohio, USA, 2001

    Theory of Quality or Qualitics is not some special type of science, but it is some special common method of cognition, just as the Induction or the Deduction is. The Theory of Quality rather is a type of Logic, than some branch of Science. Indeed, Qualitics does not have a well-defined object of cognition, it can be used in any science and even for the analysis of non-scientific phenomena, as, for example, the chess tournament is.


PDF downloads

  • "Vortical Boiling Technology Presentation"
    by Qualitics, Inc. & Basert, Russia

    This is a PDF presentation file that touches on the subjects of history of the studies of Vortical Boiling Technology, past and current researches and implementations of this phenomenon.

    PDF document [ 1699.35kb ]
  • "Vortical Boiling Brochure"
    by Qualitics, Inc

    Printable PDF brochure discussing advantages in the heat-exchange and other areas by implementing vortical  in a variety of different devices.
    PDF document [ 1159.43kb ]

  • "Tornado Stream Technology Brochure"
    by Qualitics, Inc

    Printable PDF brochure about TST - Tornado Stream Technology - and implementation areas for it.




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