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Project: QualiCell

QualiCell M1 in comparison to a cell phone. QualiCell M1 in comparison to a cell phone

Project Name:

Project Description:
"To design, patent and prepare for manufacturing best  cooling block (aka "water block") for microprocessors."

Project Stage:

In recent years the speed of computer processors has increased exponentially, and with it, the heat generated by these processors. It has become crucial to successfully moderate the heat generated in order to prevent the processors from melting. Accordingly, the demand for better, more efficient cooling of those high-speed processors is greater than ever. For example, contemporary processors made by Intel, Corp. require convective cooling by liquid.

Power gaming segment of the market for a long time is exploring area of convective cooling by liquid in order to compensate extra heating generated by overclocking of processors. Many manufacturers have attempted to tackle this problem by creating a variety of convective water cooling systems. A few months ago, QI was approached by a manufacturer of power gaming computers with a question if our knowledge in the areas of hydro- and aero-dynamics can be utilized to create a better water block. We were offered to compare our results against water block that this manufacturer was considering being the best of competitors – Apogee GTZ.

After studying the processes involved and some preliminary tests, in August of 2009 we have produced our first prototype of such waterblock. Our prototype, named QualiCell M1, was tested against Apogee GTZ box using same pump, radiator and cooling fan, and on the same set of the motherboard and CPU at the same overcloack rate.

Here are the results of these tests:

Test result vs Apogee GTZ
Fig.1 Test results QualiCell M1 vs Apogee GTZ

Currently US patent for QualiCell is pending.

A convective cooling heat intake cell (QualiCell) is providing the vortical boiling regime of flow of coolant inside of it. This regime allows to exploit important advantages of the vortical boiling phenomenon:

  • highest coefficient of heat transfer at very small increasing of hydro-resistance,
  • unchangeable or even increasing performance (thermo-resistance) at increasing of the coolant’s discharge,
  • and anti-adhesive action of stream inside cooling cell.


Note: Brochure explaining "Vortical Boiling Technology" is available in QI Publications area of this website.

The cell comprises a heat intake box and coolant entrance and exit channels with couplers on their ends (Fig.2).

Main parts of QualiCell M1
Fig.2 Main components of the QualiCell M1 unit.

The triangular lattice of segment-spherical dimples on the top and bottom sides of cell provides generation of coherent system of vortical tubes that effectively sucks heat from the dimple into the core of the coolant’s stream.

Flow of the coolant through the inlet.
Fig.3 Flow of the coolant through the inlet.

Polished contact surface of the QualiCell M1.
Fig. 4 Contact surface of the QualiCell units is polished for better heat-transfer.

Inside surface of the QualiCell has a patented dimpled latice texture.
Fig. 5. Inside surfaces of the QualiCell have patented dimple lattices texture.

Specifications of QualiCell can be downloaded here:
QualiCell M1 specification PDF file PDF file 543.46KB (343700 bytes)

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