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On this page you can find projects developed in our R&D department and their respective documentation packages.

Developed Projects

QualiCell side viewProject Name:

Project Description:
"To design, patent and prepare for manufacturing best  convective cooling water block for microprocessors."

Project Stage:

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Cyclops 3M lab testProject Name:
"Wind Energetics"

Project Description:
"To design, patent and prepare for manufacturing cost-efficient small wind electro-generators."

Project Stage:
Prototype created and tested.
US utility and preliminary patents pending.

This project became most exciting project in the Qualitics, Inc. history. We have completed lab and outdoor tests of our first prototype unit - "Cyclops 3M" and obtained enormous experience and knowledge that allowed us to design not only most efficient to date small wing WEGs, but also design methods that allow us to calculate actual productivity and inform prospective customers in details about actual productivity (and consequently, economic validity) they shall expect from the particular WEG based on the wind area they intend to use the device.

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Frac Truck drawingProject Name:
"Frac Truck"

Project Description:
"To design a mobile MAC-truck-based device capable of outputting 5300 gal/min water at 90 oC.
Detailed customer specs supplied."

Project Stage:

This project is a result of customer's request for a design of specific device for specific industrial application - oil-mining industry. Unfortunately, due to the customer's financial circumstances this project was not implemented into an actual device. Qualitics, Inc. has full rights and is willing to consider various forms of the collaboration with investors on this matter.

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