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Project: "Wind Energetics"

Wind Electro Generator
based on "Cyclops" and "Night Owl" designs.

Cyclops 3M Cyclops 3M. Lab test.

prototype "Cyclops 3M" during road test and in the lab.
August, 2009 - Cleveland, OH, USA.

Project Description:
"To design, patent and prepare for manufacturing cost-efficient small wind electro-generators based on "Cyclops" design."

Project Stage:
Prototype created and tested.
US utility and preliminary patents pending.

Level 1. Manufacturing Technologies.
Funding required: 0.5M USD

This stage of the project is designated to development and creation exact production models in accordance with the Specifications of recommended models of WEGs; as well as establishing and finalizing all production technologies.

In addition to the list of the documents presented in the right column of this page there are following documents available to the interested in the investment parties upon signing Confidentiality Agreement PDF document [ 494.52kb ].

  • capitalization schedule
  • brief business plan
  • preliminary research completed by Qualitics, Inc.
  • marketing research of competition
  • marketing research of potential market
  • marketing research of areas of implementation
  • technologies used in production
  • complete test results and product comparison vs best competitors

Level 2.  Production Facility.
Funding required: 5.0M USD

At this level we expect to establish a manufacturing and sales facility capable of producing and selling approximately 40 Wind Turbines per day. This manufacture shall provide between 50 and 65 work places, including auxiliary services such as "installation and installation support." This manufacture shall provide investor with return on investment ratio of 35%/year if kept at the same level for the first 3 years. However, potential of the market is tremendous in comparison with the production capacity of this manufacture and exceeds it by far. Therefore there is a re-investment option available to the initial investors. Details of capitalization schedules, business plan and other essential materials will be provided to the interested party/parties upon signing of the Confidentiality Agreement and Letter of Intend.

Level 3. Robotic Plant and Auxiliary Businesses
Funding required: 120.0M+ USD

As was mentioned in the paragraph above, capacity of the market and demand for such units exceeds current production capabilities by so much that there is virtually unlimited room for expansion on this market.  If anything, it will only increase with small wind machines becoming more effective and affordable to private consumers and small businesses.

Accordingly, we at Qualitics, Inc. have designed strategies for further development of this project and our vision on expansion of the manufacture to an industrial level project.

Should there be such interest, we are ready to present and substantiate our vision to a potential investor.


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