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Investor's Connection

The Research Division (RD) of the Qualitics, Inc. is deeply involved with scientific research in areas of physical economics, natural, and environmental science. Interested Customers and Investors can download the general part of our official Proposals for manufacturing and implementation of specific devices and apparata.

For more detailed information and to schedule a meeting please contact us at yyk@thequalitics.com

* Currently we are open to following type of investments:

1. Investments in the research, development and design of a new type of devices and/or apparata.
(Patent for each design device is guaranteed)

Investor will obtain designated part of author’s rights (which can be up to 100%, but Qualitics, Inc. reserves the rights for all “know-how". In other words, investor will know what to do and how to do but will have no clue how the Qualitics Inc. has come to this knowledge).

2. Investments in the manufacturing of new type of the patented devices and/or apparata.

Investor will obtain designated part of the ownership of manufacture of the new type of the patented devices and/or apparata, and consequently will share the profit from sales of the production.

3. Investments in the implementation of the entire Project, what combines content of both aforementioned clauses 1 & 2.

Currently Qualitics Inc. offers several Project Proposals. Detailed information about each you can find by clicking on the name of the proposal lower on the present page.

Project Proposals

Project "QualiCell Capitalization" Portfolio."QualiCell" Capitalization Project

Establishing of the manufacturing facility producing about 240 QualiCell units a day. Total funds requirement: 0.75M-1.25M USD

  • R&D stage. Optimization of the manufacturing technologies and creating basis for future development of QualiCell product.
    Funding required: 0.125-0.25M USD
  • Establishing actual Manufacture.
    Funding required: 0.5M - 0.75M USD
  • Developing of complimentary and auxiliary products and their resale/manufacturing 0.125-0.25M USD

Project "Wind Energetics" Investment Portfolio."Wind Energetics" Project

  • Level 1. Manufacturing Technologies.
    Funding required: 0.5M USD
  • Level 2. Production Facility.
    Funding required: 5.0M USD
  • Level 3. Robotic Plant and Auxiliary Businesses
    Funding required: 120.0M+ USD

Project "QualiCell Capitalization" Portfolio."Frac Truck" Project

  • Level 1. Complete Package of Frac Truck Design
    Funding required: 0.125M USD

    We are prepared to sell this entire project to the interested party.


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