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About Our Company

Established in 2005, Qualitics, Inc. is an S corporation founded upon the concepts of market-driven research and innovation. We are dedicated to the realization and production of commercial solutions within the areas of physical economics, natural and environmental science. Our products and designs are based on extensive theoretical and experimental research conducted by our founder Yuriy K. Krasnov, who has over 40 years of professional experience in the technical applications of science.

Today, Qualitics, Inc. is a well established, respected small business that is staffed by a creative and enthusiastic team of researchers and led by the company’s experienced Officers.

Qualitics, Inc. works continuously on new innovations; to learn more about them, please visit our Projects page. Upon completion, these projects will be available for investment. Our current lineup of completed projects offers the discerning investor several distinguished projects; please visit the Investors page to learn more about the range of our ongoing research, and to access details on our finished projects.

Each of our products includes a Specification of Product; a Technical Description, enhanced with drawings and disclosures, that details the product’s manufacturing process; working models of the product; test results for the model; patents on all implemented innovations; and, for companies interested in ultimately manufacturing the product, a customized Plan of Capitalization designed to facilitate the production and promotion of this product.

Beyond our deep commitment to the quality of our products, Qualitics, Inc. is firmly dedicated to providing our customers with an innate, comprehensive education on the scientific foundations that our innovations are based upon. We believe that by offering our customers a better understanding of these scientific principles, our customers will derive more profit and success from our products. To this end, our website offers numerous detailed Presentations, proposals and illustrative materials that explain our products and the scientific principles upon which each product is designed.

Qualitics, Inc. well oriented and keeps a very flexible policy in respect of collaboration with partners and investors that are pursuing standard goal of Free Market Economy: effective and reliable manufacturing of products, having the best consumption features, and which is capable to provide effective returns of the invested capital due to fulfilling of the highest expectation of the customers.

   It all started here in 2005

Cyclops sketchFrom idea

poll_based draft
through theory and design

Cyclops 3M prototype
to prototype & production technologies!